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Hi I'm Steffen, and I'm a german interactive application developer; a kind of fusion between a software engineer and an interaction designer. My work mainly consists of building rich client applications or games, for use on a variety of computing devices. I've worked on browser-based applications built with ActionScript and JavaScript as well as desktop and mobile applications built with AIR and Unity.

As a strong OOP developer, I spend a lot of my time considering the best practice and design issues that present themselves during the development of maintainable and extendable applications.

In addition to engineer great apps, I'm passionate about interaction possibilities.So I enjoy taking advantage of awesome new technology devices, especially mixed reality experiences with head mounted displays and depth sensors like Google Tango and Microsoft Hololens. I enjoy working closely with design teams to create the interaction cues and transitions that will best serve the end user, and ensure the success of the user experience. I also help to develop concepts to a level that can be presented to company decision makers.

My site is a place for me to post interesting projects and daily adventures in application development.


Soccer AR
Karlotta Unterwegs
Robot AR
Glasses AR
Kinect Flying
Music Box AR
Metafighter AR
Hovercraft AR
Flash-based AR soccer game for the browser.

Tech: Actionscript + Away3d + Metaio

Flash-based, Pacman like game for the browser.

Tech: Actionscript + Flixel

play game
Living AR robot hologram for smart glasses.

Tech: Unity3d + Vuforia + OpenDive

AR product showcase and information for smart glasses.

Tech: Unity3d + Metaio + OpenDive

Usability prototype, Fly with Kinect 3D depth sensor

Tech: Unity3d + Zigfu + Kinect

AR music box with touch control for ios and android.

Tech: Unity3d + Vuforia

GunTurret game for android. Shoot around you flying ships with gyro control

Tech: Unity3d + gyro sensor

AR fighting game for Project Tango device.

Tech: Unity3d + Project Tango AR with depth sensor

AR hovercraft driving game for Project Tango device.

Tech: Unity3d + Project Tango AR with depth sensor

Usability prototype, modified Oculus Rift as a video see-through device

Tech: Unity3d + Oculus Rift + 2x PS3 Eye Cams